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Memory Care Assisted Living in Golden, CO

Level of Care Options

Golden Living’s approach to providing our residents the most appropriate assistance with activities of daily living is based on an initial health and wellness assessment by our community nurse. This assessment will determine how we craft a daily care plan that will ensure our residents’ place within the community so that they are able live life to their fullest, maintaining as much independence as possible while providing them opportunities for socialization with other members of our community.
Monthly rent is determined by adding the base rent of a particular style apartment and the level of care that will be needed based on our initial health and wellness assessment. Monthly rates start from $4,100 for a studio apartment in our Assisted Living Lodge and $6,200 for an “all-inclusive” memory care studio located in our state-of-the-art memory care building.



Our Mission

To Provide Friendly, Loving and Compassionate Care During Your Golden Years